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06 février 2008

Write a novel in 15 minutes

I know! Again we are changing subject... But, believe me you cannot progress as a journalist if you do not focus on the writing itself a little. I bought a book last year during my dark, very dark period from a very talented American lady who happens to be teaching at UCI (where I stayed for a few months but, that's another story). Please allow me to introduce her to you.... Barbara Demarco-Barrett is the author of Pen on Fire, published by Harvest Books. The inspirational book about writing, teaches the reader how to complete... [Lire la suite]
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19 novembre 2007

About homeworks and cooking...

I know another topic unrelated to what is supposed to be the main one but, we will come back to it soon enough. One of my teachers gave us a portrait to write. I chose to write about Garance, being a huge fan of her blog. I have to confess I was  a bit worried to ask her if she would dedicate long minutes to a student so she can ask dumb and intrusive  questions that would be turned into a piece wiche would never be published? Not only did she yes but she also spent... [Lire la suite]
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